Mindfulness Coach for businesses

Mindfulness and Meditation for a successful businesses offered by Mindfulness Coach in Amsterdam. Finding a way for relaxation and stability in the daily life thanks to the professional easy to learn mind training techniques for individual clients as well as for larger groups. The techniques and individual sessions are developed especially for individuals wanting to create or already having successful businesses.

Learn easy ways of how to:

  • regain control over your life
  • identify a tangible and achievable goals
  • get in touch with reality to bring more happiness and joy into your career and relationships
  • get rid of your inner critic
  • resolve inner conflicts that hold you back
  • learn an ancient art of meditation to bring peace, stability and focus in your daily life

The forms of work I offer consist in:

  • identifying individually major issues and points of weakness
  • identifying individually strong points and advantages
  • releasing inner conflicts through individual sessions to resolve and get to the rout of major issues
  • learning in group sessions or individually an art of mindfulness
  • learning Zazen "Just Sitting" meditation to become a master of your own mind