Couples sessions

We are offering couples therapie to couples who search help, support and are struggling, but also to couples who just search for convenient instruments to improve their relationship and communication skills. 

Being ourselves a couple and having performed a lot of personal work as also relationships work through trainings, mindfulness retreats, intimacy workshops, NLP trainings, we have selected the most efficient methods and are here to share our discovery with you.

We learned a lot of tools of dealing with challenging issues we might encounter in a relationship.

Knowing simple comminication tools which create a safe container for sharing our emotions with a beloved person is essential. For us it did a huge impact on the quality of our life as a couple and literally transformed the relationship into a conciouss relationship. This means simply less drama, no projection onto the partner and discovering each other in each moment from a fresh perspective. 

What you will learn?

  • Easy communication tools based on mindfulness techniques
  • How to create a strong container for expressing emotions in a healthy way
  • How to create a healthy bond without projecting your pains onto your partner
  • The art of healthy relationships
  • The wheel of consent - how to express your desires and needs in a relationship


Contact us for more details and arrange your appointment already today!