Individual Sessions

Why do you need your own Mindfulness Coach for business?

A lot of people starting business encounter a lot of difficulties in building a really successful business. They find it difficult to communicate with other people, to mange their emotions, to settle achievable goals, to keep up the initial level of motivation.

The other issue is that we are practically not using our full potential, because of the so called blockages. The task of a good Mindfulness coach is to help you to reach your full potential.

The approach I use is unique, because most of the people in the self-development filed avoid to confront and work on the negative emotions. Fears, all kind of negativities, anger are the source of our hidden potential. Usually it takes also years in a professional therapy to slightly touch our deepest fears, which hold us back from succeeding. Here we have a fast track, because instead of avoiding we get in contact with the hidden parts of ourselves to completely dissolve the negativity, moreover to transform it in supportive positivity. That is why this approach is so powerful and working for everybody in every case.

All the difficulties outside of us are the conflicts inside

In the all ancient Eastern traditions like Tibetan Buddhism or Zen Buddhism, from which the Mindfulness in the West is originated, all the issues we experience with the environment are actually inner conflicts within ourselves.

This is a good side of the story, because this means that we have a full control over the business we create and over our day-to-day life, if we work and resolve the major inner conflicts.

What are the inner conflicts?

All the obstacles you encounter are actually the manifestation of your inner conflicts. So if you can't come to agreement with your co-workers or you always are late with financial reports, that can mean you have some unresolved inner conflicts.

How I help my clients with inner conflicts?

I am trained in so called shadow work or inner conflict work. The individual sessions with my clients are specially designed to consciously resolve inner conflict through:
  • approaching each issue one by one
  • identification of issue / inner conflict
  • using the therapeutical approach of Chod Buddhist teachings to resolve negative emotions and fears
  • transforming the fears into individual strength

My clients say that this approach brings instant and unbelievable results compared to other techniques of the mind reprogramming.

Price for 1h session: 180 EUR ( package 3x1 = 400EUR)